Deer Antler Velvet FAQS

What exactly is Deer Antler Velvet?

You must know what the deer antler is, but it’s exactly what it is named – velvet from the deer’s antler. Deer antlers are something that can regrow and shed every year and in their growth stage, there is a cover or coating looking like velvet that appears on the antler.


What substances do you can find in deer antler velvet?

The deer antler is the one and only tissue of a mammal that has annual regrowth, it is also special as it contains almost 400 substances and 40 principal compounds. Those elements are in the most concentrated resource among various nutritional and natural things found in all species of animal or plant.

Moreover, deer antler velvet is also commonly formed by minerals, proteins, water and lipids. Besides, there are also 20 glycosaminoglycans, 21 amino acids, 13 growth factors, and a lot of minerals and other substances.

Is Deer antler velvet useful as a supplement?

Actually, the deer antler that has been proven as natural substance is able to work for the part where it is required like helping the homeostasis recovery of a hormonally unbalanced body.

To maintain the body’s stamina and health, the deer antler velvet has natural substances like IGF-1 that are mostly natural and precursors needed to enhance the functioning of the body’s endocrine (hormonal) system. The complex composition of those chemical elements of the deer antler velvet gives its positive cumulative effect on many body systems.

What are beneficial effects of deer antler velvet?

There are many studies that have proven the efficiency of deer antler velvet in producing great effects for increasing strength, stamina and muscular development. The other related benefits are fast recovery, blood pressure reduction, sexual health improvement, joint and bone health enhancement, immune system and many more.

Are there any research that support the deer antler velvet’s benefits ?

There are many scientific studies done in Russia, China, Korea, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand to support the deer antler velvet’s positive effects. Since 1930, there has been nearly 250 papers published about deer antler velvet’s beneficial effects. Besides, there are lots of anecdotal evidence and user reviews on the credibility of deer antler velvet extract as health supplement.

Who are the users of deer antler velvet?

Almost everyone can use this supplement for its various health benefits. The users come from widely-diversified groups, but mostly, the most consistent referrals come from the knowledgeable professionals. They are physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopath doctors, athletes, fitness trainers and more.

Capsules and spray products – are they different?

The capsules or pills pass less processing, with totally pure, 100% deer antler velvet. The velvet is dried, then ground into the powder and after that, it is encapsulated. The absorption of the nutrients will happen in the digestive system after you swallow it. With this form, the nutrient of deer antler velvet will be retained fully that is almost 400 natural ingredients. However, users are advised to take a pill that has enteric coating so the stomach acid does not destroy the natural ingredients of the velvet.

Whereas the deer antler velvet in extract or spray form is processed to maximize the growth factor of matrix like EGF, IGF-1, IGF-2, and more. The harvested deer antler velvet is processed under strict, regulated and proprietary methods to refine and improve the amount of growth factor. The spray is applied under the tongue, and then it will absorb through bloodstream. Because this product accentuates the IGF-1 and many other growth factors, the deer antler velvet extract is mostly chosen by professional and competitive athletes for body performance benefits.

However, with increasing popularity of deer antler velvet, a lot of spray products have come up in the market that actually contain very little or nominal amounts of IGF-1 and are SCAMS.

What is the best deer antler product ? Is there any recommended dosage?

Read this review on best products available. For bodybuilders, we recommend this deer antler supplement. You must take the product in recommended dosages as specified by the product’s manufacturer, your trainer or physician, based on your needs and your reason of taking the supplement.

The efficacy of deer antler velvet’s dosage is dependent on various factors. The doses are various, if you want to use as general wellness, you can take 500-1000 mg daily, 2000 mg daily is really fit for therapeutic, 3000 mg daily is required for athletic benefit, then for the extract usage, 2 ml daily is recommended for competitive sports. Then, you can consume the pills after or before dining, whereas the extracts must be consumed on empty stomach.

How quickly does the deer antler velvet give result?

The results would be felt differently for everyone depending on some factors like individual’s health, diet and body type and depending on what kinds of benefits the user is expecting. It can give immediate result in few days after usage for some people, while the others get the results after few months. It is important for you to consume the deer antler velvet consistently for the best benefits.

Is it safe to use deer antler velvet?

Absolutely yes, because it is 100% pure, natural, organic food. It has been proven that using the product with recommended dosage is nontoxic, and can provide several health benefits. Moreover, there is history of deer antler velvet and documentation on it being used safely since thousands of years.

Do we need to kill the deer to get the deer antler velvet?

No. As explained before, that deer antler velvet is the mammalian tissue that is able to regrow and shed in every year. The best and ethical manufacturers would always collect it humanely and ethically. The removal process is done while the deer is restrained, under the safe local anesthesia, so deer is still alive after the process. The professionals have found techniques to do it relatively fast and of course, in a painless procedure. After the collecting process of antler velvet, the deer is released to its herd, that is normally kept on deer farms. It is better to do removal on deer farms, otherwise it can endanger the antlered deer herd.

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