How Deer Antler Velvet Influences Libido and Sex

Apart from many good things you may get from deer antler velvet, there is another health benefit that is adorned by men, especially men suffering from low libido (sex drive) or impotence.

Back in history, in Chinese culture, antler was used as a primal ingredient to cure erectile dysfunction. Nevertheless, if you do some research towards typical supplements to cure sexual issues like impotence, you’ll find that an increasingly number of genuine sexual enhancers now use deer antler velvet as part of the ingredients.

Surprisingly, the benefit of antler to cure sexual dysfunction is not only for men, in fact, it is also working quite well to cure infertility for women.

In Chinese tradition, a lot of detailed information exists how deer antler is useful to fight numerous diseases.

The Advanced Textbook of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology  notes the main uses for deer antler (lurong):

  • a) Chronic diseases marked by general lassitude and spiritlessness, lumbago, and cold limbs, polyuria with clear urine, impotence, spermatorrhea, and leukorrhagia with clear discharge, for which it is often used with cooked rehmannia, eucommia, and cistanche.
  • b) Infantile maldevelopment marked by weakness of the muscles and bones, incomplete closure of the fontanel, and retarded speech and movement, for which it is often combined with cooked rehmannia and cornus [it is sometimes added to Rehmannia Six Formula, which has these ingredients, and which was designed for promoting healthy growth of children who displayed slow development].
  • c) Chronic diseases with blood deficiency and liver and kidney deficiency, for which it is often used with ginseng, astragalus, cooked rehmannia, and tang-kuei.
  • d) Deficiency of the extra meridians (e.g., chongmai) with incessant uterine bleeding, for which it is often prescribed with gelatin, sepia bone, tang-kuei, and tortoise shell.

Apart from impotence, deer antler can also help human beings to deal with lack of strength for both knees and lower back, soreness, cold extremities and many more.

Experts are digging out more information on others benefits associated with deer antler velvet like to reduce dizziness, anemia, lack of muscle tissue, malnutrition and the capability to boost immune system.

One interesting benefit of antler found from numerous Chinese medical books is that it can assist a person suffering from poor blood circulation as the result of improper heart function.

Blood circulation is closely connected to various aspects of sex like libido and the act of sexual intercourse.

As deer antler stands out alone with so many medical advantages, in Chinese medicine this superb medical material is also combined with other good ingredients like ginseng.

A well known sexual enhances such as Vigrx Plus, is one all natural aphrodisiac that helps men to elevate their sexual drive. Even though, it is said that the one which contributes to increase men sexual drive is deer antler based Genf20 Plus, it doesn’t mean that ginseng containing Vigrx Plus does nothing.

Based on some research, ginseng has capability to level up the production of testosterone. For antler itself, this one produces IGF-1 which has many beneficial functions and two of them are to enhance growth hormone and to cure erectile dysfunction.

Genf20 Plus is a growth hormone supplement containing deer antler velvet and is reported to have various benefits on sex.

Nonetheless, alongside with its capability to cure impotence, deer antler is also capable to enhance vitality, metabolism, blood circulation, mental performance. And all these aspects are related to sex as well.

Ginseng actually is not the only material that is used side by side with antler. It is Long Jack – another ingredient that is used as another antler combination. For those who aren’t familiar with Long Jack, this one is also known as eurycoma longifolia which is mostly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and other Southeastern Asian regions. This works mainly as an anti-estrogen supplement, and thus should be used only by men and not women.

Similar to a combination of ginseng and deer antler, the combination of long jack and antler also provides an amazing result to conquer erectile dysfunction and improve sex desire and so on.

For women, velvet antler is more than just a good ingredient to deal with sex drive issue. It is more than that, because if you (women) deal with menstrual problems, consuming antler velvet is suggested.

Do you want to know more? Losing weight is another benefit. In addition, if you are a nursing mom, some experts recommend antler velvet may assists you and nutrition and growth of your kids.

You are definitely required to take actual medical advise if you are a pregnant woman or nursing mother, before you decide to take deer antler velvet supplement.

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