Treating Inflammation with Deer Antler Velvet, Fact or Myth?

The medical benefits of deer antler velvet have been a subject of substantial curiosity for many scientists. Even though the knowledge about antler’s magnificent natural ingredients are now well known and clinically proven to improve human health, still it won’t stop scientists to find out more.

However, the scientific studies have some discrepancies on certain alleged benefits. For example, while this study on sexual benefits resulted in no perceived benefits, Ray Sahelian, in his book, Natural Sex boosters talks of a Russian study with pantocrin, an extract from deer antler velvet, which stimulated sexual behavior in rodents more than ginseng, a well known sexual enhancer.

It is now clinically proven by the current research that certain components or hormone manipulation properties of antler can assist people to deal with inflammation.

According to the research, it was found that antler’s numerous intricate ingredients have the potential to enhance human wellness by fighting certain diseases, or DE-accelerating the aging process and improve the healing process.

Concerning to its mazy ingredients, they are; sterols, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, lipids, prostaglandins, hormones, and the most popular one which is known has many benefits for human health, is IGF-1. However, in the way to gain all the goodness of antler, according to Dr Peter Fennessy, understanding the right time for harvesting antler will affect the quality of the antler ingredients itself.

Nevertheless, there is some conflict among scientists on the question if antler can help people to deal with inflammation or not. However, based on some researches, the antler velvet does seem to have anti-inflammatory elements which somehow powerfully decreases otherwise unbearable chronic fatigue, pain and inflammation caused by some chronic illnesses especially intense pain to the sufferers of arthritis.

Based on some reports from its users about how significantly it deals with inflammation and chronic pain, it is like a validation that deer antler has such power. The medical community can’t seem to dismiss the claims wholly, and it can reduce the pain.

There is a huge gap from both East and West world about the usage of antler. It can’t be helped anyway, since both worlds have distinct streams of wisdom and medicinal science which leads to different point of view. However, the issue is tackled down currently. Thanks to James Suttie Ph.D for its contribution to settle the dispute.

Western doctors also hesitate about the usage of deer antler velvet medically. It is because, they are sometimes conditioned to become ignorant toward anything that relates to Yin and Yang notion and so on.

However, the picture turned clear after some scientific results about antler’s benefit on the human body were reported. Some medical experts are even calling one of the best medical inventions of alternative medicine.

Guess what? Antler not only has anti-inflammatory agent, but it also contains anti-stress, gonadotropic (sexual and other benefits), erythropoietic (red blood cells regenerating) agents and many more.

So all in all, you may say that the knowledge about deer antler velvet’s good overall effect to human health is already comprehensive and the series of scientific researches done by Western scientists confirmed it even more.

Not to mention, there are independent reviews from people who tried antler around the world like China, Russia, Korea, New Zealand and United States. There happen to be a good number of testimonials about how good antler is to provoke their overall fitness and health. In addition, the scientific studies made the medical community to become more aware of its medical benefit.

Immune System and Velvet Deer Antler

Another research on antler describes that it contains immunoglobulins that somehow very powerful to beat not only disease, but also infection.

It supposedly increases the macrophage activity that provokes the production for both white and red blood cells that leads to the condition where your body can easily beat disease and any damage the disease does to your body.

Another research that done in Russia demonstrates that antler has the following components such as polypeptides, amino acids and other complex components which were able to elevate the chances of survival of group of mice which suffered from cancerous tumor.

The rate of survival of cancer suffering mice was as high as 40%.

A Korean research demonstrates that antler increases the production of neutrophil WBCs, for mice this kind of activity can assist them to beat down both disease and injury. In addition, it also decreases kidney damage and muscle loss which are very common for cancerous mice.

Compared to group of mice that are treated by drugs, “antler group” mice showed more significant results without additional side effects.

Antler for Mood and Mental Performance

Another benefit of antler is, it can improve both good mood and mental performance. The main ingredient of antler behind this is, pantocrin. This study was done for men 18 to 23 years of age.

For those proven benefits, deer antler is also used as a nootropic and as the natural resource for mood regulator and anti-depressant.

Another research conducted by Dr. Chen demonstrated that, when group of mice are treated by antler, there is so-called monomine oxidase behavior that somehow forbid the loss of serotonin and norepinephrine, as the result it can cater a good mood for those who include antler as part of their medication.

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