Deer Antler Velvet FAQS

What exactly is Deer Antler Velvet?

You must know what the deer antler is, but it’s exactly what it is named – velvet from the deer’s antler. Deer antlers are something that can regrow and shed every year and in their growth stage, there is a cover or coating looking like velvet that appears on the antler.


What substances do you can find in deer antler velvet?

The deer antler is the one and only tissue of a mammal that has annual regrowth, it is also special as it contains almost 400 substances and 40 principal compounds. Those elements are in the most concentrated resource among various nutritional and natural things found in all species of animal or plant.

Moreover, deer antler velvet is also commonly formed by minerals, proteins, water and lipids. Besides, there are also 20 glycosaminoglycans, 21 amino acids, 13 growth factors, and a lot of minerals and other substances.

Is Deer antler velvet useful as a supplement?

Actually, the deer antler that has been proven as natural substance is able to work for the part where it is required like helping the homeostasis recovery of a hormonally unbalanced body.

To maintain the body’s stamina and health, the deer antler velvet has natural substances like IGF-1 that are mostly natural and precursors needed to enhance the functioning of the body’s endocrine (hormonal) system. The complex composition of those chemical elements of the deer antler velvet gives its positive cumulative effect on many body systems.

What are beneficial effects of deer antler velvet?

There are many studies that have proven the efficiency of deer antler velvet in producing great effects for increasing strength, stamina and muscular development. The other related benefits are fast recovery, blood pressure reduction, sexual health improvement, joint and bone health enhancement, immune system and many more.

Are there any research that support the deer antler velvet’s benefits ?

There are many scientific studies done in Russia, China, Korea, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand to support the deer antler velvet’s positive effects. Since 1930, there has been nearly 250 papers published about deer antler velvet’s beneficial effects. Besides, there are lots of anecdotal evidence and user reviews on the credibility of deer antler velvet extract as health supplement.

Who are the users of deer antler velvet?

Almost everyone can use this supplement for its various health benefits. The users come from widely-diversified groups, but mostly, the most consistent referrals come from the knowledgeable professionals. They are physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopath doctors, athletes, fitness trainers and more.

Capsules and spray products – are they different?

The capsules or pills pass less processing, with totally pure, 100% deer antler velvet. The velvet is dried, then ground into the powder and after that, it is encapsulated. The absorption of the nutrients will happen in the digestive system after you swallow it. With this form, the nutrient of deer antler velvet will be retained fully that is almost 400 natural ingredients. However, users are advised to take a pill that has enteric coating so the stomach acid does not destroy the natural ingredients of the velvet.

Whereas the deer antler velvet in extract or spray form is processed to maximize the growth factor of matrix like EGF, IGF-1, IGF-2, and more. The harvested deer antler velvet is processed under strict, regulated and proprietary methods to refine and improve the amount of growth factor. The spray is applied under the tongue, and then it will absorb through bloodstream. Because this product accentuates the IGF-1 and many other growth factors, the deer antler velvet extract is mostly chosen by professional and competitive athletes for body performance benefits.

However, with increasing popularity of deer antler velvet, a lot of spray products have come up in the market that actually contain very little or nominal amounts of IGF-1 and are SCAMS.

What is the best deer antler product ? Is there any recommended dosage?

Read this review on best products available. For bodybuilders, we recommend this deer antler supplement. You must take the product in recommended dosages as specified by the product’s manufacturer, your trainer or physician, based on your needs and your reason of taking the supplement.

The efficacy of deer antler velvet’s dosage is dependent on various factors. The doses are various, if you want to use as general wellness, you can take 500-1000 mg daily, 2000 mg daily is really fit for therapeutic, 3000 mg daily is required for athletic benefit, then for the extract usage, 2 ml daily is recommended for competitive sports. Then, you can consume the pills after or before dining, whereas the extracts must be consumed on empty stomach.

How quickly does the deer antler velvet give result?

The results would be felt differently for everyone depending on some factors like individual’s health, diet and body type and depending on what kinds of benefits the user is expecting. It can give immediate result in few days after usage for some people, while the others get the results after few months. It is important for you to consume the deer antler velvet consistently for the best benefits.

Is it safe to use deer antler velvet?

Absolutely yes, because it is 100% pure, natural, organic food. It has been proven that using the product with recommended dosage is nontoxic, and can provide several health benefits. Moreover, there is history of deer antler velvet and documentation on it being used safely since thousands of years.

Do we need to kill the deer to get the deer antler velvet?

No. As explained before, that deer antler velvet is the mammalian tissue that is able to regrow and shed in every year. The best and ethical manufacturers would always collect it humanely and ethically. The removal process is done while the deer is restrained, under the safe local anesthesia, so deer is still alive after the process. The professionals have found techniques to do it relatively fast and of course, in a painless procedure. After the collecting process of antler velvet, the deer is released to its herd, that is normally kept on deer farms. It is better to do removal on deer farms, otherwise it can endanger the antlered deer herd.

How Deer Antler Velvet Influences Libido and Sex

Apart from many good things you may get from deer antler velvet, there is another health benefit that is adorned by men, especially men suffering from low libido (sex drive) or impotence.

Back in history, in Chinese culture, antler was used as a primal ingredient to cure erectile dysfunction. Nevertheless, if you do some research towards typical supplements to cure sexual issues like impotence, you’ll find that an increasingly number of genuine sexual enhancers now use deer antler velvet as part of the ingredients.

Surprisingly, the benefit of antler to cure sexual dysfunction is not only for men, in fact, it is also working quite well to cure infertility for women.

In Chinese tradition, a lot of detailed information exists how deer antler is useful to fight numerous diseases.

The Advanced Textbook of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology  notes the main uses for deer antler (lurong):

  • a) Chronic diseases marked by general lassitude and spiritlessness, lumbago, and cold limbs, polyuria with clear urine, impotence, spermatorrhea, and leukorrhagia with clear discharge, for which it is often used with cooked rehmannia, eucommia, and cistanche.
  • b) Infantile maldevelopment marked by weakness of the muscles and bones, incomplete closure of the fontanel, and retarded speech and movement, for which it is often combined with cooked rehmannia and cornus [it is sometimes added to Rehmannia Six Formula, which has these ingredients, and which was designed for promoting healthy growth of children who displayed slow development].
  • c) Chronic diseases with blood deficiency and liver and kidney deficiency, for which it is often used with ginseng, astragalus, cooked rehmannia, and tang-kuei.
  • d) Deficiency of the extra meridians (e.g., chongmai) with incessant uterine bleeding, for which it is often prescribed with gelatin, sepia bone, tang-kuei, and tortoise shell.

Apart from impotence, deer antler can also help human beings to deal with lack of strength for both knees and lower back, soreness, cold extremities and many more.

Experts are digging out more information on others benefits associated with deer antler velvet like to reduce dizziness, anemia, lack of muscle tissue, malnutrition and the capability to boost immune system.

One interesting benefit of antler found from numerous Chinese medical books is that it can assist a person suffering from poor blood circulation as the result of improper heart function.

Blood circulation is closely connected to various aspects of sex like libido and the act of sexual intercourse.

As deer antler stands out alone with so many medical advantages, in Chinese medicine this superb medical material is also combined with other good ingredients like ginseng.

A well known sexual enhances such as Vigrx Plus, is one all natural aphrodisiac that helps men to elevate their sexual drive. Even though, it is said that the one which contributes to increase men sexual drive is deer antler based Genf20 Plus, it doesn’t mean that ginseng containing Vigrx Plus does nothing.

Based on some research, ginseng has capability to level up the production of testosterone. For antler itself, this one produces IGF-1 which has many beneficial functions and two of them are to enhance growth hormone and to cure erectile dysfunction.

Genf20 Plus is a growth hormone supplement containing deer antler velvet and is reported to have various benefits on sex.

Nonetheless, alongside with its capability to cure impotence, deer antler is also capable to enhance vitality, metabolism, blood circulation, mental performance. And all these aspects are related to sex as well.

Ginseng actually is not the only material that is used side by side with antler. It is Long Jack – another ingredient that is used as another antler combination. For those who aren’t familiar with Long Jack, this one is also known as eurycoma longifolia which is mostly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and other Southeastern Asian regions. This works mainly as an anti-estrogen supplement, and thus should be used only by men and not women.

Similar to a combination of ginseng and deer antler, the combination of long jack and antler also provides an amazing result to conquer erectile dysfunction and improve sex desire and so on.

For women, velvet antler is more than just a good ingredient to deal with sex drive issue. It is more than that, because if you (women) deal with menstrual problems, consuming antler velvet is suggested.

Do you want to know more? Losing weight is another benefit. In addition, if you are a nursing mom, some experts recommend antler velvet may assists you and nutrition and growth of your kids.

You are definitely required to take actual medical advise if you are a pregnant woman or nursing mother, before you decide to take deer antler velvet supplement.

Best Deer Antler Velvet Extract Supplement For Bodybuilders And Athletes

So you know that deer antler is good for body building. Medical experts have now confirmed that deer antler velvet contains some incredibly beneficial natural elements that are effective to support new muscle manufacture and enhance the stamina.

So, bodybuilding and workout supplements containing deer antler have become increasingly popular.

Listed below are the best deer antler velvet supplements for bodybuilders and athletes alike:-

1. HyperGh 14x

HyperGH 14x is by far the most sophisticated deer antler based HGH supplement, that is gaining popularity among the bodybuilders. This is a growth hormone (HGH) releasing system based on Deer antler velvet available to bodybuilders in the market today. The product was introduced in the market by LeadingEdgeHealth, the company behind another popular anti-aging HGH supplement Genf20 Plus.


2. Genf20 Plus

The first product is Genf20 Plus which in my opinion is the most effective supplement of deer antler velvet today, offered on market, primarily because it involves the HGH-IGF-1 mechanism and hormonal cycle in improving the performance.

It enhances IGF-1 and Growth hormone simultaneously. But, don’t worry the increase in levels is not so much to be detected in the urine tests. And it contains amino acids, phosphatidyl choline and other totally natural and safe substances.

Learn more about Genf20 Plus.

The formula is made with diverse ingredients which is able to amplify the deer antler velvet’s power. It doesn’t use any dangerous substances or useless filter and is really good for your body.

The main special characteristic is to help the consumer in increasing strength and building the muscle through muscle growth and reconstruction enhancement and production of natural HGH. Besides, Genf20 Plus also improves energy levels, athletic performance, and even increases testosterone.

Another benefit is to give you more excellent and faster workout result, because it can work quickly and easily with the addition of an Alpha GPC spray that is a killer combination to use along with deer antler velvet.

The last but not least is the money-back guarantee in 90 days. So, don’t worry about risks because Genf20 Plus is the top product containing pure extract of deer antler velvet.

3. AntlerX

This spray supplement is helpful to increase amino acids metabolism, effect testosterone levels and contains the great combination of natural ingredients includes the deer antler velvet which makes IGF-1 more beneficial.

It can be used effectively to enhance IGF-1 and HGH production, and elevate hemoglobin concentration and red blood cells. Therefore, IGF-1 Protocol it is able to increase the strength and build muscle easily, because of testosterone and HGH production improvement.

Several testosterone enhancements like epimedium, Caltrop, Zinc, and arginine can you get from this deer antler velvet supplement. The impressive results of strength increasing and muscle development are reported by consumers.

Learn more about AntlerX.

4. Deer Antler Velvet Extract Pro

This product really can help you to get amazing result after workout. It is able to add to your body strength quickly and effectively. It is because the supplement contains high concentration of pure exact from deer antler velvet with the dose of 750 mg for every serving. Besides, the substance of IGF-1 containing in antler velvet has been proven to boost HGH levels.

Furthermore, this supplement is not only used to raise HGH, but it also can support the entire body system and keep the joints healthy through amino acids. Then it really helps you to gain your workout goal and results by the natural formula that is contained in Deer Antler Velvet Pro.

5. Cellusyn Deer Antler Velvet Pro

This supplement has a powerful affect when you try to build lean muscle and enhance the recovery. In every serving, it contains 750 mg of pure powder of deer antler velvet extract. This dosage is commonly used by a lot of elite athletes.

What makes Cellusyn Deer Antler Velvet Pro unique and special is because you can find more than 400 active ingredients to enhance stamina, to raise strength, and to hasten recovery. So, you are not only able to get great result of workout, but also develop it more.

Moreover, because the elements are informed on label list, you can know how much you get per serving. Therefore, you don’t need to be worried of perfunctory result of Cellusyn Deer Antler Velvet Pro, because it doesn’t contain the fake ingredients, binders, steroids, fillers or any proprietary blends.

6. MHP Secretagogue-One

The product contains the blend of amino-acid with IGF-1 precursors and HGH for maximizing the natural and safe process of HGH production. The great combination of ingredients in MPH Secretagogue-One really can support your physical performance, health and stamina.

If you consume it regularly, MPH Secretagogue-One will increase the cardiac output, enhance physical performance and accelerate the recovery.

No worry about the risk of the usage, because MPH Secretagogue-One has been studied and developed by Dr. Vincent C. Glampapa, MD, the leading specialist of age management. This supplement is formulated as the essence of age nutrition management.

Pros and Cons of Deer Antler Velvet – Is it a SCAM?

Just because history and some researches tell the story about medical benefits of deer antler velvet, it does not mean it’s the perfect supplement without any cons.

First off, the supplement is surrounded by many controversies.

It is an IGF-1 source and that’s why velvet of deer antler is banned by sports organizations.  IGF-1 or insulin growth factor is a good resource for athletes to maintain their stamina to stay on its peak. For this reason, some athletes that are suspect for using this supplement have to face the wrath of sports authorities and some inconvenient circumstances.

Aside from how sports organizations forbid deer antler velvet as part of athletes regimen as it contains IGF-1, on the contrary, the supplement is considered as a great resource to assist children that deal with growth problem that is known as Laron syndrome. IGF-1 somehow can accelerate sensitivity to growth hormone and/or act as growth hormone alternative so that children that suffer from this illness can grow normally.

Another thing which makes deer antler velvet draw too much attentions and controversy is because of its unique characteristic that is can’t be identified through ordinary urine test, but blood test, as it is reported by

Deer Antler in Extracted Form – A possible SCAM!

According to its manufacturers that the products are made of the velvet like tissue material that covers male deer antlers.

To ease the consumption process for the buyer and to take health benefit from deer antler velvet, some manufactures will ground it and treat it as pills. Some will convert it as spray. Usually to let antler into the human body system, the spray is placed under tongue.

If you are looking for this supplement, you may not have to go far, since there are plenty of them available online and somewhere near you. However, this is something you need to know that FDA a bit “weak” to regulate products containing any deer antler velvet.

Hence, it is a bit doubtful whether the spray or the pill that you buy actually contains IGF-1 from deer antler velvet or not.

This makes room for a funny notion popping-up in your mind, if there is no guarantee about the existence of IGF-1 as the primary ingredient of the spray, then how the spray works?

Some deer antler products show distinctive results. Some show just good enough result while others are pure garbage. Hence, further study and comparative analysis of various brands of deer antler is needed.

Treating Inflammation with Deer Antler Velvet, Fact or Myth?

The medical benefits of deer antler velvet have been a subject of substantial curiosity for many scientists. Even though the knowledge about antler’s magnificent natural ingredients are now well known and clinically proven to improve human health, still it won’t stop scientists to find out more.

However, the scientific studies have some discrepancies on certain alleged benefits. For example, while this study on sexual benefits resulted in no perceived benefits, Ray Sahelian, in his book, Natural Sex boosters talks of a Russian study with pantocrin, an extract from deer antler velvet, which stimulated sexual behavior in rodents more than ginseng, a well known sexual enhancer.

It is now clinically proven by the current research that certain components or hormone manipulation properties of antler can assist people to deal with inflammation.

According to the research, it was found that antler’s numerous intricate ingredients have the potential to enhance human wellness by fighting certain diseases, or DE-accelerating the aging process and improve the healing process.

Concerning to its mazy ingredients, they are; sterols, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, lipids, prostaglandins, hormones, and the most popular one which is known has many benefits for human health, is IGF-1. However, in the way to gain all the goodness of antler, according to Dr Peter Fennessy, understanding the right time for harvesting antler will affect the quality of the antler ingredients itself.

Nevertheless, there is some conflict among scientists on the question if antler can help people to deal with inflammation or not. However, based on some researches, the antler velvet does seem to have anti-inflammatory elements which somehow powerfully decreases otherwise unbearable chronic fatigue, pain and inflammation caused by some chronic illnesses especially intense pain to the sufferers of arthritis.

Based on some reports from its users about how significantly it deals with inflammation and chronic pain, it is like a validation that deer antler has such power. The medical community can’t seem to dismiss the claims wholly, and it can reduce the pain.

There is a huge gap from both East and West world about the usage of antler. It can’t be helped anyway, since both worlds have distinct streams of wisdom and medicinal science which leads to different point of view. However, the issue is tackled down currently. Thanks to James Suttie Ph.D for its contribution to settle the dispute.

Western doctors also hesitate about the usage of deer antler velvet medically. It is because, they are sometimes conditioned to become ignorant toward anything that relates to Yin and Yang notion and so on.

However, the picture turned clear after some scientific results about antler’s benefit on the human body were reported. Some medical experts are even calling one of the best medical inventions of alternative medicine.

Guess what? Antler not only has anti-inflammatory agent, but it also contains anti-stress, gonadotropic (sexual and other benefits), erythropoietic (red blood cells regenerating) agents and many more.

So all in all, you may say that the knowledge about deer antler velvet’s good overall effect to human health is already comprehensive and the series of scientific researches done by Western scientists confirmed it even more.

Not to mention, there are independent reviews from people who tried antler around the world like China, Russia, Korea, New Zealand and United States. There happen to be a good number of testimonials about how good antler is to provoke their overall fitness and health. In addition, the scientific studies made the medical community to become more aware of its medical benefit.

Immune System and Velvet Deer Antler

Another research on antler describes that it contains immunoglobulins that somehow very powerful to beat not only disease, but also infection.

It supposedly increases the macrophage activity that provokes the production for both white and red blood cells that leads to the condition where your body can easily beat disease and any damage the disease does to your body.

Another research that done in Russia demonstrates that antler has the following components such as polypeptides, amino acids and other complex components which were able to elevate the chances of survival of group of mice which suffered from cancerous tumor.

The rate of survival of cancer suffering mice was as high as 40%.

A Korean research demonstrates that antler increases the production of neutrophil WBCs, for mice this kind of activity can assist them to beat down both disease and injury. In addition, it also decreases kidney damage and muscle loss which are very common for cancerous mice.

Compared to group of mice that are treated by drugs, “antler group” mice showed more significant results without additional side effects.

Antler for Mood and Mental Performance

Another benefit of antler is, it can improve both good mood and mental performance. The main ingredient of antler behind this is, pantocrin. This study was done for men 18 to 23 years of age.

For those proven benefits, deer antler is also used as a nootropic and as the natural resource for mood regulator and anti-depressant.

Another research conducted by Dr. Chen demonstrated that, when group of mice are treated by antler, there is so-called monomine oxidase behavior that somehow forbid the loss of serotonin and norepinephrine, as the result it can cater a good mood for those who include antler as part of their medication.

User Reviews | What people say about Deer antler velvet?

Below are some of the user reviews on deer antler velvet, collected from various online forums and websites.

Editor’s note: We recommend HyperGH 14x deer antler for bodybuilding. Read its review here.

Review 1

It is amazing to find out that such good products like Deer antler and IGF-1 are actually available at the marketplace. I am into shadow boxing and now can shadow box up to 30 minutes a day. I had heard a lot about its health benefits but after using it, I got to know this product not only boosts your body agility, but also stamina. Even though supplementing with deer antler is superb for athletes, but for those who aren’t into athletics or sports, you also can take benefit from it.

Anyway, if you deal with knee arthritis issue  you may be pleasantly surprised about the magic that is done by IGF-1. I noticed a significant decrease in the chronic knee arthritis pain. The common soreness that you suffer when moving around is gone.

In case you are a sportsman in the process of healing due to sport injury, rely the healing process on dear antler spray.  It’s definitely worth to try.

Apart from its capability to boost the recovery process, this amazing product is also responsible for the general feeling of wellness and boosting muscle tone. You will notice soon that your body feels so much better.

Guess what? Having an energetic body just like your past years does seem possible now. I am able to work out harder, recover faster, and noticed significantly increased muscle tone, flexibility and overall mobility. Nevertheless, you may think that the good things that you read about deer antler are filling with too many sweet words. So to figure out, you better try deer antler yourself about how powerful this product can be to bring a comprehensive enhancement to your body system.

Review 2

Adding chemical into your body system, hmmm, I dislike this very idea, however, deer antler makes your notion about using supplements as part of your lifestyle change, it is safe, it is totally natural unlike other health supplement products you perhaps find in market.

When I started taking it, my mood and mental clarity increased dramatically. I think sharper and act faster.

Providing you with lots of stamina that makes you perform your daily tasks better, actually, it is not the only thing IGF-1 can give. Since you feed your body system with a good quality product, it revamps the way your body systems work. Put it simply, you’ll wonder yourself once you start noticing the benefits like you can sleep at night without hassle. It also makes your brain work faster. And I don’t seem to find another product with comparable effects.

Review 3

I am pro mma fighter with 3 kids. The real challenge for a professional athlete who is a mom is to manage not only time but also stamina. You need to spare your time for both doing training and playing with your super active children. Somehow such a demanding routine can drain your stamina to the zero level. Not to mention, at times, your body can’t handle it.

You need something as stamina booster so you can handle the daily life issues since giving up is never a good option either. Thanks to deer antler velvet which makes it possible.

Try a product based on IGF-1 formula which can efficiently improve your stamina naturally. It doesn’t matter now whether it is a training time after playing with kids and vice versa, my stamina always stays in its best condition. Apart from stamina improvement, my brain also shows its best performance.

Deer antler is designed not only for athletes, if you are a busy mom that sometimes feels overwhelmed to do the mother’s job and professional job together, taking a deer antler or IGF-1 based supplement as part of your busy lifestyle is recommended.

Review 4

I am a big fan of health supplements. At the marketplace, no wonder there are many supplements which are available to promote human health and fitness and for enduring stamina. There are many different names alongside with different ingredients. Many such products sell online on and other online stores and GNC etc. that allegedly claim about their best benefits.

However, what makes deer antler velvet unlike others supplement, is that the benefits are varied and diverse.

It is not a mere maintaining your stamina kind of product, but more. If you are looking for supplement which is also really good to assist you in losing weight, building muscle, and more, then this supplement is what you need. Apart from that, for those who are in recovery stage for certain injury, it is suggested to take IGF-1 Plus as part of their fitness program.

Review 5

Being a former collegiate athlete, I have seen some tough times when my body did not respond well to training and lifting weights. Just like for any one who trains their body to do workouts, I understood that supplementing is something necessary to maintain body endurance so you can can keep practicing without hassle. However, looking for a supplement that only doubles your time into practice might not be easy.

Speaking of practice, you must also be familiar with the condition where your joint and your muscles experience soreness. Even though, it is something natural, but be honest, the soreness is bothersome, right? Deer antler velvet is supplement that you need then, this one of a kind supplement is dissimilar with others that cater to only with body endurance. Since I lift with heavy weights, my joints used to ache after working out, but they no longer do!

I’ve actually doubled the time and distance that I was doing before (and I’ve only been on it for a little over a month)! Integrated with other health benefits, it is better for you now to start to use an IGF-1 based deer antler velvet supplement and reap the good benefits of this supplement.

Yes, it’s true by reading only this review it won’t assist you to understand the benefits since you need to try it out to figure out how this supplement improves your body system, improves your exercise time, and more, and when it comes to the recovery process after you do exercise, this one can make it faster.

It won’t be too costly if you take this supplement as a part of your workout regimen. Once again, it is not necessary for you believe what I say, so go ahead and try IGF-1 Plus, hence, you’ll understand toward how huge the influence of IGF-1 Plus to enhance your body.

Review 6

Certain illnesses and low energy issues can have a huge impact over your life. I am a cancer survivor from 1993. But by mercy of GOD, I got healed using only natural supplements and diet.

However, the damage on your body really brings a nightmare for your life. It is not about being ungrateful even after being free of horrible disease that used to stay inside, but it’s also about looking for solution.

Deer antler velvet is what you need if you effortlessly want to set yourself free from such discomfort like chronic pain, chronic fatigue, you name it. Another thing that is provided by this amazing supplement if you continuously take it is, not only the pain is gone, it also magically rejuvenates your stamina. I am 46 years old but look younger now, even after suffering from cancer for all these years.

This supplement is definitely recommended for anyone who yearns to cure fatigue, look younger and improve top and bottom of their body fitness.

Review 7

Deer antler velvet will never boost your health and performance if you just stay still without moving. I learned this soon after taking the supplement. You need to embrace this stunning supplement invention and include in a healthy fitness regime. It can have a dramatic impact on your performance, not only on how you look, but also on the things you can do.

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